Aluminum and glass products for office and apartment buildings

Jeti-ikkuna Oy is a privately held company focused on designing, manufacturing and installing glass and aluminum structures. Our production facilities are in Vuokatti, Finland. You can reach us by email info(@) or phone: +358 50 3422899. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our mission is to make our built environment more convenient and healthier. As our product range and services indicate, we do take care of the life cycle of buildings - we only renovate what’s needed. In a sustainable way.

Window renovations

You have some troubles with windows: annoying traffic noise, draft of air, thermal or water leakages or just outer panes in bad condition. We change the outer window pane to the aluminum window with thermal glass. You save all workable structures and money for other important maintenance projects. The result is same or even better than changing all the window structures to new ones.

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Our innovative profile design and opening glass modules give different possibilities for architects to use glass as a façade structure. For instance, material and space savings are achieved in double skin solutions since there are no need for additional structures for maintenance. Opening module insulate more effectively noise than fixed glass.

Our innovative aluminum profile structures enable that we also can mix opening modules or windows with fixed glass. The results have proved workable and architecturally smooth.

Check out some completed projects.

Extra window panes

Our opening aluminum panes are used for thermal and voice insulation as well as safety purposes in many projects. An extra pane can be used outside or inside the building. It also can be installed between the original panes.

Especially in historical buildings, we achieve energy economical results without breaking the unique entity. Due to innovative design, extra window panes fade into the structures.

Check out some completed projects.

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